Building repairs

Launder Construction are able to provide services to deal with various repairs to buildings, including roof, floor, wall repairs as well as decoration internally and externally. Below are just a few of the works completed, these give an idea of the wide range of services we can provide.

Repairs to gable on Victorial style house, this involved stripping down exisiting rendering and replaced it with materials to match the existing design.

Extensive repairs to chimney on old building. Keeping in tune with the buildings cottage stonework design, we achieved this by using similar materials and build methods.

Restoration of walls, repairing any damage, plastering and painting. We also had to make sure this was in keeping with the historical design found on the walls and ceiling.

Measure and fit beautiful solid wood staircase in a residential home. Keeping in line with the customers requirements.

Bournemouth Pier Approach

Decorations to the front building of the land mark Bournemouth Pier during summer 2007. This included repairs on the building as well as painting.





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